Andrea Levy

ERYT-200 in Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Fit Certification-Level I, II, III

Kids Yoga Certification

Andrea started practicing yoga in 2001. After a debilitating disc herniation in her neck, and trying several different therapies, she needed something to heal her from the inside out. She found a small gym in the Pocono Mountains, PA that offered yoga, but didn’t really know much about it. After her first class, she was hooked and that is how her yoga journey began. Yoga helped her body heal and become stronger.  It also helped ground her psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally and to be fully present in the moment — a lesson that is all the more profound for having been learned the hard way. In 2006, Andrea became a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Fit.  Then she went on to become certified in kid’s yoga through One Yoga Planet in Ft. Pierce, Florida. She began to share her passion with others and began teaching, which she continues today.  Her goal was to share this beautiful practice with as many people as she could and celebrate the small victories as she taught others how to grow and bloom…

Andrea completed her 200hr RYT certification through Geo Yoga in Stuart, Florida. After teaching at several locations on the treasure coast, she developed a yoga program in Palm City at Back in Action Chiropractic Wellness Center. After a short period of time she grew out of the that space and Lotus Loft was born. As a natural leader and coordinator of a thriving studio her favorite time is with her clients on the mat!

Andrea teaches Vinyasa flow yoga. Her classes are physically challenging and dynamic; however they are designed to encourage and develop that positive, nurturing communication within. She truly focuses on the level of each individual student in each class. She wants her students to leave their mats, not only with a renewed sense of physical well-being but also an emotional and spiritual equilibrium. "I believe that yoga brings empowerment to everyone who practices". She is passionate about making it accessible and fulfilling for anyone who has the opportunity to explore.  She also encourages students to feel connected to their bodies, empowered by the energy surrounding them, and leave feeling recharged and ready for more!

Crissy Florio

RYT-200 in Therapeutic Yoga

I originally started practicing Yoga for exercise; however, I soon realized it was so much more. I began to fall in love with the feeling that I left with after a yoga practice craving more. Out of curiosity, I signed up for a weekend certification to teach Vinyasa Yoga. After a few years of teaching Yoga and Pilates, I knew I wanted to learn so much more about the body and how Yoga can transform and heal the body. In March of 2012, I completed my 200 RYT in Therapeutic Yoga. As a registered Yoga Teacher, I incorporate all my knowledge of Therapeutic Yoga into my Vinyasa classes. My classes are a well balanced practice, full of healing the body physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. As an instructor, my goal is to make my students feel my passion and dedication to this practice. I also always try to make them feel comfortable in their own practice and body. I encourage all to listen to their bodies and work on a level that suits them at that moment. Yoga is for everyone, no matter how old, young, flexible or not. An advanced Yogi does not necessarily mean you can do all the poses perfectly. It is your desire to find your own connection and your dedication towards your practice that advances you to the next level. Once you start practicing Yoga, you too will start to feel the benefits, sensations, and awareness that is has to offer. Start your journey soon rather than later


Kim Palisin
RYT-200 in Vinyasa Yoga

After years of teaching spinning and high impact classes, I came across yoga as a way to cross train. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with the sense of peace I felt after practicing. I decided I wanted to learn as much as possible to further my practice so I completed my 200RYT in Vinyasa Yoga.
Not only has it challenged me physically, mentally and spiritually it has helped me to grow as an individual. As a runner, it has also helped me to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility resulting in less injury. Overall, yoga has helped me create a healthier/stronger mind and body.

​My intention for every class is to serve and inspire people to be their best self. I love motivating people to achieve a life of health and wellness. Whether you’re looking for a calm mind or strength and flexibility for endurance sports, there is a yoga style for you. Take a chance on yourself.

Julie Torsiello 

Julie is a recent transplant from New York City where she's been teaching Hot Power Vinyasa Flow for over 5 years. A world traveler and music junky, Julie's classes are geared for high-test body rockin', soul soothing tidbits and all around groove-o-licious times. Julie studied with the incomparable Jonathan Fields and Lauren Hanna of Sonic Yoga in New York City where she received her 200 RYT Certification in 2006. She has been teaching classes, private and corporate clients in NYC ever since.

​​Julie has now found her new home in the Palm Beach and Martin County area and is so thrilled to be a part of this vibrant yoga community. If you're coming to one of Julie's classes be ready to sweat, get in shape, hear some righteous tunes, take life a little lighter and leave with a GLOW from your FLOW!!! 

Holly Digirolamo

​My love of yoga evolved from my love of fitness. For years, I spent hours in the gym lifting weights, kickboxing and cycling. In 2007, a friend introduced me to my first hot vinyasa class. Although the initial draw was for the intense physical workout, I had quickly learned that yoga was so much more. Something about the practice kept bringing me back. It was a meditation in motion which helped me understand myself as well as my body and how it moves.

In my classes, I strive to guide people through their breath and movement to find the strength within themselves both mentally and physically. I love to push people and give them challenging sequences but at the same time I do appreciate modifications and knowing your own limits. I strongly believe a student's practice is their own and I am only here to guide you through the journey on your mat. ~Holly

Michelle Bernazar
RYT-200hr RYT-500hr in Vinyasa Yoga 

I joined the local gym in 2009. I was curious about yoga and gave it a try. After a few months my curiosity grew as my awareness deepened. I ventured out of the gym and into various yoga studios. I began to understand the subtle aspects of yoga in my mind, body, and heart. I loved sharing my experience and knowledge with everyone but to actually take the seat of the teacher.... I had too much fear and many doubts.

In July of 2012 I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Blue Spirit Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica. I had the honor to study under the instruction of YogaWorks' Kia Miller. I cast fear and doubt aside and started teaching in September of 2012. After a year of teaching I signed up for the 200 hour teacher training at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, Fl. Under the direction of Scott Feinberg and the support of the tribe I graduated in December 2013. I continue to participate in workshops and conferences to deepen my understanding and find different ways to teach the many aspects of yoga.

I bring a laid back approach to my classes mindfully combining breath with movement, and balancing strength with flexibility. I enjoy guiding students though thoughtful alignment principles and the subtle aspects of the mind, body, and breath. As I continue to practice and teach, I apply the lessons learned
on the mat into my everyday life. I hope I get the chance to share my knowledge and love of
​yoga with you soon.

Mindy Izzo
RYT-200hr in Vinyasa Yoga

Mindy first discovered yoga in 2008. She loves the diversity of all aspects of yoga, from meditative, vinyasa flow, hot yoga, and yin. Yoga as a lifestyle, brings balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Mindy finds love and appreciation of teaching like-mind students, both on and off the mat.

​By continuing education and workshop classes, Mindy aims to educate her students in proper form and alignment techniques, and to enhance their overall experience with all yoga has to offer. Upon receiving her RYT 200 certification from Sutra Yoga Studio, Mindy is passionate about sharing her journey with you.

Heidi Kambour

N.E.S.T.A Group Fitness Certification

Certified BARRE Instructor from IBBFA

​RYT 200hr from Honest Yoga Center

I first became a fitness instructor back in college as a next step after my competitive gymnastics and cheerleading careers ended and I have been doing it ever since.  I have always loved the feeling I get at the end of a workout and want to share that "euphoria" with as many people as I can.  I absolutely love the fitness industry for both myself and for helping people better themselves both physically and mentally.   I have since turned in my step and hi/lo routines for those of a more calmer practice and I could not be happier.  I have been blessed to have been personally training clients and teaching classes for years and watching people connect with there bodies and seeing their personal accomplishments.  As an avid tennis player; Vinyasa Yoga; Barre; sculpting and ball classes have been beneficial to my game and more importantly to my day to day life.  I continue to strive to achieve new things, learn new things and love to help others to do the same. My classes will be challenging and open to all levels with modifications if needed.  I look forward to seeing you in class.  Be fit be fabulous from the inside out! Heidi currently holds a N.E.S.T.A. "Group Fitness Instructor" certification. Peace, love & health

Sibley Blum​ 

RYT 200hr from Kripalu Institute

I first started my regular yoga practice during college in 2008. I had been a competitive gymnast, pole vaulter, and dancer and I had completely exhausted my body. I needed a physical outlet that would work around the injuries I had built up over the years. I had no idea that my yoga practice would change so much more in my life than my physical body. I love yoga because it is an extremely fun, gratifying, personal practice that I have been able to see and feel constant change throughout. I am teaching yoga to share my passion for movement and awareness of the deeper influences yoga has in mind, spirit, and handling daily situations that occur off of the mat. I also teach because there is so much for me to learn from every individual that walks into the yoga studio.

My practice has mostly been vinyasa where I can get lost in the flow of movement and breath. I completed my 200 hour YTT at Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda where I was so lucky to experience the never ending variety of yoga classes and instructors. Kripalu truly deepened my practice with traditional foundations of yoga that I can incorporate into my vinyasa flows. I am excited to share what I have learned with others and learn from their experiences in return! Namaste.


Ilicia Koslow

RYT 200 Hr

I came to the yoga practice looking for healing from a car accident. My first practices were actually more meditation ,mantra, and pranayama (breathing practices) which I learned from my first yoga book gifted to me by my father (Integral Hatha Yoga) once my body was finally strong enough I took my first vinyasa class at golds gym about 8 years ago, I immediately fell in love, this practice was such a challenge that I just wanted to learn more. My love for the practice led me to want to explore so I went to experience yin, kundalini, kirtan (bhakti), and restorative yoga .It was the begging of an unfolding and a rebuilding process for me, in which still I realize will always be in some way, in all hopes growth is evident in the life. Practice not perfect.

I took and graduated my ytt 200 hour at kula yoga yoga shala the summer of 2012.

My intention as a teacher is to guide the body mind spirit in a purposeful way through the breath to create a sense of strength and openness not over doing it not under doing it. I have come to this point in my practice and my teaching that I believe purpose over creativity and steadiness and ease are so very important . MOST IMPORTANT is the BREATH, the breath is the guide! BREATH IS BOSS

Kelli Cuppett

RYT 200 Hr

Kelli has been teaching Pilates and Water Aerobics since 1995. She began teaching overseas in Athens, Greece and continued as she lived abroad in Croughton, England; and Tamuning, Guam where she provided instruction to U.S. Naval Hospital, Coast Guard and Air Force personnel and civilians. In December of 2013 she completed her 200 RYT at Key Largo Yoga. She also completed an intensive study for Thai Yoga Body Works in April 2015, Aerial Yoga Training in July 2015, and Introduction to Yin in October 2015. She has a dedicated 6 days a week practice where she alternates practices of Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Her method of instruction is a reflection of her love and passion for the ancient wisdom of yoga and body science. Kelli has a diverse fitness background and bio-mechanic foundation. She attends workshops and conferences regularly to fulfill her desire to continue learn. She is also certified in Water Aerobics.

Dana Kavouklis

I started my fitness journey as an overweight teenager and fell in love with health and fitness. Since then passion has been fitness and helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. For me real fitness isn't just about looking great - true fitness is about feeling your best and becoming stronger and healthier, so you can live your best life ever. My goal is to help you to achieve your health goals, get stronger, and look and feel fabulous.

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
Over my ten year career I've taught strength, cardio, spinning, yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics, and TRX.

Group X AFAA
Spin Instructor Keiser Certified


Carley Dale 

RYT 200 Hr & Prenatal Certified

I went to my first yoga class as a favor to my brother and after the intense yet gentle journey my body and mind experienced, I was hooked and immediately signed up for the year. My practice has taught me to be patient and kind to myself. I became at peace and finally viewed myself as a strong and beautiful individual.
When I was diagnosed with Kienbock’s in my wrist, I quickly knew what it was like to be vulnerable. My practiced changed from being power hungry to healing and humble. Everyone has a turning point in his or her practice or how he or she views their yoga journey, and this was mine.
When I became certified to teach, I saw yoga as more of an outreach to help people who were ready to help themselves. After teaching for a year, I couldn’t get enough education and sought out to be certified in prenatal yoga to help women throughout their pregnancy – physically, emotionally, socially.
I strive for my students to leave my class feeling complete within themselves. It’s not an easy journey, but it sure is fun to learn about you on the way.

Nancy Clark

​RYT 200 Hr

​Nancy’s yoga journey has span over 4 decades, being introduced to yoga in the early 1970’s. Information on yoga was scant. There were no yoga classes and; DVD’s, internet or YouTube did not exist. Nancy searched for like-minded people. In 1974, Nancy found 4 women who shared her interests. Gathering together, they practiced twice a week. Each woman taking turns leading the yoga postures and gathering spiritual direction from reading the book, How to be Your Own Best Friend.

Nancy continued her love of yoga by acquiring an album from India and reading and studying whatever books she could find on yoga. From the knowledge she gained she created Hatha yoga classes which she then taught for Delaware Parks & Recreation Department during the mid to late 1970’s & 1980’s.

After a divergence into teaching Aerobic Dance, Nancy was drawn back to yoga in 1998, finding a teacher who had trained with Iyengar and deepening her studies by taking a meditation retreat and workshop at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania.

When she moved to FL in 2003, Nancy practiced Bikram and then Vinyasa yoga. In 2009 Nancy took an Astanga class and experienced an intense emotional and spiritual connection. Inspired by this new connection, Nancy completed a teacher training program concentrating on Astanga’s Primary Series and established a daily Astanga practice. She was also introduced to Yin Yoga in her training and found the practice of Yin to be an important balance to the rigors of Astanga.

She is a Certified 200 hour RYT. She has continued her yoga studies in workshops and intensives with Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann, David Williams, Manju Jois, Krista Shirley, Emilia Arenas, Jesus Cabellero and Sarah Powers. Nancy is continually expanding her studies of yoga, currently concentrating on Yin style of Yoga which she has been teaching over the last 5 years.

Nina Davis

RYT 200hr

As a young athlete I walked into my first hot yoga class with low expectations, hoping to get a quick stretch and sweat sesh. Little did I know how much yoga was going to transform my life! I continued going to classes for the physical asana but my practice quickly became my biggest tool for personal growth and self love at a very vulnerable age. I became interested in sharing my practice when I realized how gratifying it was to connect with others and be a part of their personal journey. I completed my RYT 200 with Bryce Yoga at Absolute Yoga Academy. I have a background in partner acrobatics and Acroyoga which has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the body!
I enjoy the meditative movement of a strong vinyasa sequence that will hopefully create a space for you to honor yourself and deepen your practice!

​Holly Mineo 
RYT- 200hr in Vinyasa yoga

I always loved the idea of yoga and the thought of teaching intrigued me. I took my first yoga class in November 2015 and knew that instant that I would become an instructor. The over all feeling that yoga gives connecting the mind, body and breath is so amazing that I have to share it. I became certified in December 2016 at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, Fl.

I have had to work thru a lot of anxiety with being such a new yogi and a new instructor. I owe the teachings of yoga so much credit for allowing my to connect to myself and the present. This has given me the gift to work thru my fears and find my voice. The gratitude I feel being able to teach and connect is inspiring. Sharing my passion is truly living a dream for me. My goal in teaching is to allow my fellow yogis to experience what yoga has given to me.

Kara Caruthers

RYT- 200hr in Vinyasa yoga

As a gymnast/cheerleader growing up and always active in the gym setting, trying yoga for the first time in January 2015 was originally meant to be a new extra curricular activity. I had the flexibility but I never had entered a hot room. I had a 30 day Groupon and after my first hot yoga class I was instantly hooked. At first, hot yoga was purely physical, being that my body was transforming. However after a few months, I found a brand new purpose for showing up on my mat daily. My personal qualities were improving, my mind and body were in sync and I simply could not get enough! Moving back to Palm City Dec. 2016, I decided to try out Lotus Loft. The immediate, intimate feeling of the studio washed over me and I knew I wanted to work there. I put in my time as a Karmi and became 200YT certified shortly after! Spreading the love of Yoga and all it has to offer I then knew was my calling! Whether it's your first time or years of practice, I can firmly attest that Lotus Loft caters to anyone wanting a positive change in their lives! ~Namaste ❤️

Kelly Shrum
RYT- 200hr in Vinyasa yoga

​My yoga journey started about 5 years, with a groupon to a hot studio. I wish I could say that I fell in love with yoga then but that wouldn't be true. It was the hottest, most advanced class I had ever taken. Being an athlete and gymnast my whole life, the flexibility and strength were there, but my heart and mind were not. Yoga kind of fell off my schedule for the next two years then one day I walked into a new studio in town, with a sub that I absolutely fell in love with. My yogic spark had been rekindled! I became committed to my practice and by proxy to myself. Learning through yoga that everything in life that I have ever searched for were right inside all along. I am trained in the direct line of the Iyengar lineage, my teacher being a student of one of his first students, and trained along side him for many years. I believe that yoga, all 8 limbs of it, are attainable to anyone that is willing to commit to themselves and their practice. My intention for my classes is for my students to feel safe and yet challenged so that they find the growth within themselves both physically and mentally. Namaste!

Kim Fedele


Kim’s yoga journey began in 2003, the year of her mother’s passing. The final pose to “take”rest”, Savasana, became the most difficult one as her mind couldn’t quiet all of the racing thoughts. She had come to realize that what she had originally thought of yoga, which was a beautiful complement to all of her other training modalities of 25 plus years of running and strength training, was actually so much more. After walking away from 5 years as a NPC figure competitor, she began her quest to discover the origins of this ancient and sacred practice. In 2012, she began the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga with a 200 hour teacher training program at Surya Yoga. This became a guiding force of self spiritual discovery which continues on today. As a mother of 2 daughters in college, a son in high school, and a fiance’, her life is filled with many blessings, love and gratitude. She has met many beautiful people along the way and feels thankful and humble to be able to continue to share her practice and spiritual knowledge. She continues to believe that, “We all come to yoga for different reasons, but we all seem to stay for the same”. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well, she works one on one with clients as well, to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.